About Us

TAU Online – The Center for Innovative Learning was founded by the President of Tel Aviv University, Prof. Klafter, with the aim of redefining the university's pedagogical vision, and to adapt it to the digital age. Since its formation, in 2013, the Center launched a variety of initiatives, developed projects, and built partnerships in order to make academia more accessible to a broader public and to impact the future of higher education in Israel.

The Center's scope of activities:

  1. Online Academic High School – In the past, Israel's elite high schools were those that were geographically located next to academic institutions. However, today's digital era allows to overcome such physical obstacles, so that literally every high school in Israel can become an "Online Academic High School." All High-School pupils, of all levels – meaning not just the 'gifted' ones – can learn academic content and develop a sense of academic capability. Our next phase is to develop Academic Cities, whereby all school pupils in a city learn academic courses within the schools.
  2. The MOOC-based Admissions Track to University – So far admissions to university were based on the high-school matriculation and standardized tests (Psychometric/SATs). Tel Aviv University is the first university worldwide to include MOOCs in the admissions process. As of 2017, applicants can apply and get into university based on the high matriculation and the completion of three MOOCs. This serves to levelling the playfield and dealing with the discriminatory repercussions of the standardized tests.
  3. Minducate – an Interdisciplinary Research Center on the Science of Learning – The Center was founded in cooperation between TAU Online and the Sagol School for Neuroscience. Its aim is to conduct interdisciplinary research on the Science of Learning, in order to develop innovative models for a Personalized Education.
  4. Fostering Israel's Ed-Tech Community – The Ed-Tech industry is a globally promising space. TAU Online and its partners EdTech Israel and East Wind Investment Bank host the annual Ed-Tech Summit, convening Ed-Tech Startups, Investment Funds, Policymakers and influential leaders from the public and private sectors, from Israel and abroad.
    In addition, Tel Aviv University will be launching an Ed-Tech Investment Fund.
  5. MOOC-production – TAU Online produces high-end MOOCs with the aim of creating a comprehensive digital learning experience. Since 2013, thousands of Tel Aviv University's students have taken the courses as part of their degree.
  6. Hybrid Learning Model – Technological tools allow us to reform the traditional pedagogical 'factory-' model. Online courses facilitate a more independent and personalized learning experience, which in turn enables both the teacher and the students to create a more meaningful in-class encounter. Together with the course professor, we build an innovative learning experience, and help to define the role of the teacher anew.
  7. Everyone Needs A Leader – Yuval Shraibman's article on Hybrid Learning and the role of the teacher of the 21st Century.
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