Online Academic High School

Online Academic High School

We are proud to present our flagship project: the "Online Academic High School," which offers every pupil the opportunity to gain academic credit while in High School!


Traditionally, High Schools that were located in the vicinity of University Campuses used to cultivate partnerships together. Pupils of these institutions got exposed to academia from a young age. This has not only helped them developing advanced learning skills, but it has also impacted their levels of self-confidence as to their own future steps in Higher Education.


Over the past three years, Tel Aviv University has invested significant resources in the production of online courses (MOOCs), with some of Israel's leading professors. Our courses are designed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, fully adapted to the newest trends of the digital era. In light of the popularity that our MOOCs gained among our own students, we decided to extend the offer to High School students.


Who is our target audience?

We invite all pupils, who are curious and have a thirst for knowledge, to try out our courses and get acquainted with both, academic and online learning skills.


What type of courses do we offer?

We offer 'elective' courses - academic-level courses without prerequisites. This differs from mandatory introductory courses, which tend to be lengthier and more complex.


In which format should the courses be learned?

We strongly believe in the positive impact of group learning, as well as in the crucial role of the teacher in conducting learning processes.
Therefore we encourage schools to designate teachers with a passion for innovation to this project and to pick entire classes that will learn the online course as part of their normal school lessons. For instance: teaching "Understanding Plants" by Prof. Daniel Chamovitz as part of the Biology class, or "Introduction to Holocaust Studies" by Prof. Havi Dreifuss and Dr. Naama Shick as part of the History class.


What is the Pedagogical Model?

The "Flipped Classroom" – pupils watch the online course independently, either as homework prior to the lesson, or in the school's IT room, so that the time of the 'frontal-teaching' lesson can be devoted to interactive learning methods such as groups discussions, PBLs, peer-learning, etc…


How Can You Join the Online Academic High School Project?

  1. The school principal designates a teacher who is passionate about innovation, as well as a class of pupils, who are curious and thirsty for knowledge.
  2. The teacher and the class choose a course from our list of courses.
  3. The teacher watches the full course, builds a yearly teaching program based on the online course, prepares the frontal-teaching sessions based on the 'flipped classroom' model.
  4. Everyone registers on the website and enrolls to the course – for free:
  5. The teacher collects the usernames and email addresses of all the pupils and sends the list to our Community Manager: Mireille Surowicz (contact details below).
  6. Our Community Manager will open a separate forum for each class.
  7. The pupils learn the course throughout the year. The school decides which evaluation method to use at the end of the course.
  8. Optional: pupils are welcome to come to the campus of Tel Aviv University, take the course exam, and earn academic credit points.


Optional: Earn Academic Credit
Pupils are welcome to register for the exam (which will take place on the University Campus, on predefined dates at the end of the semesters.)
For registration, go to: - for a fee of 500 NIS.
Pupils will receive an official transcript from Tel Aviv University and the credit will remain valid for a period of 10 years.






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