Introduction to Holocaust Studies

How has an incredible idea turned into a terrible reality? | Professor Havi Dreifuss and Dr. Naama Shick

This course is a co-production of Yad Vashem and Tel Aviv University


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About the Course

The Holocaust was an inconceivable historical event, which forever robbed Western culture of its innocence. As civilized human beings, we fail to understand how events of such horror could have taken place, and how an idea so inhumanly warped could have spread like wildfire through an entire continent, instigating the systematic annihilation of millions. The very fact that this atrocity proved possible raises many complex and disturbing questions, which refuse to fade away, remaining highly relevant to this day. Boldly confronting these disconcerting issues, this course highlights the impact of the Holocaust on our world today.


About the Lecturers

Professor Havi Dreifuss is an historian of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe, a senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University's Department of Jewish History, and Head of the Center for Research on the History of the Holocaust in Poland at Yad Vashem's World Center for Holocaust Research. Her research focuses on aspects of everyday life during the Holocaust, such as: relations between Jews and Poles, religious life, and Jewish existence in the face of deportation, destruction and slaughter. Her book, We, the Jews of Poland?, published by Yad Vashem, presents the relations between the Jewish and Polish populations during the Holocaust from a Jewish perspective.

Dr. Naama Shik is a leading researcher at Yad Vashem, focusing on the study of Jewish women in the death camps. She lectures at Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies and heads the institution's Technological Education Department, where she is in charge of all online educational materials – including 22 online courses offered in six different languages, a lecture portal, testimonial videos, a huge database and more.

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