Basic Notions in Physics

Is the evolution of ideas in Physics the intellectual engine which nourrishes the sciences and takes humankind forward? | Prof. Ron Lifshitz


Basic Notions in Physics


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About the Course

Over the past centuries, Physics has developed a wide range of notions that allow us to describe and explain the world around us in an astounding accuracy. Some of these notions may seem simple and evident nowadays, but some are extremely complex and creative, so much so that they have been defined as some of the most important intellectual creations of humanity. Some of these notions even contradict our daily experience and may seem as though they were taken straight out of science-fiction. In this course, we will look at a variety of some of the basic notions in Physics.


About the Professor

Prof. Ron Lifshitz is professor of physics, specialized in Condensed Matter Physics. He serves as the Chair of the Condensed Matter Physics Department at Tel Aviv University. His main fields of interest are Quasicrystals and Nanomechanics. He is an alumnus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a PhD from Cornell University, from where he moved on to the California Institute of Technology as a Research Fellow. He has maintained research relations with the institute of the years, also after his academic appointment at Tel Aviv University in 1999. Professor Lifshits published over 60 research papers, held several international conferences, and taught a wide variety of courses in Physics. He received the Rector's Award for Excellence in Teaching at Tel Aviv University several times, as well as the Award for Excellence from the Israel Fund for Science.


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