Introduction to Renewable Energy

How can gas and fuel be replaced by clean sources of energy? | Professor Avraham Kribus

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About the Course

Energy and the fuels that generate it are the foundations of modern living. For over a century we have been drawing fossil fuels – oil, coal and natural gas – from the depths of the earth, and using them to power our world: advanced industries, fast transportation, comfortable homes and more. In this course we will examine possible alternatives for these fuels - which have proved quite damaging to both our health and our environment. We will describe the intensive worldwide efforts in this field of research, and present their encouraging outcome: a range of innovative technologies for generating clean energy from natural, non-polluting and eternally renewable sources – such as sunlight, wind and water.


About the Professor

Professor Avraham Kribus from the Faculty of Engineering at Tel Aviv University is an international expert in the field of solar energy. Over the years he has held the positions of Head of the Faculty's Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer Department, Head of the MSc Program in Environmental Studies at TAU's Porter School of Environmental Studies, and Chairman and Board Member of the Israel Sustainable Energy Society. Prof. Kribus has worked to develop advanced technologies for power plants powered by solar energy. He has registered several patents, and some of his innovations have reached the stage of industrial application. He serves as an advisor to many energy companies both in Israel and overseas. He took part in the establishment of an Israeli startup venture, and served as Chief Technologist in a solar energy startup in California. Prof. Kribus is a four-time recipient of Tel Aviv University's Outstanding Lecturer Award.

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